Another addition to order tags

is it possible to add a option to allow multiple prefixed order tags(like multiple instances of tags but prefixed differently) for example,

you have a sub. 1st half you want onions, green peppers, tomatoes
and second half you want tomatoes, onions and bacon
so you would get

Foot long sub

  • 1st Half onions
  • 1st Half green peppers
  • 1st Half tomatoes
  • 2nd Half onions
  • 2nd Half bacon
  • 2nd Half tomatoes

currently what i have to do is
Foot long sub

  • 1st Half green peppers
  • 2nd Half bacon
  • both Halves onions
  • both Halves tomatoes

this way it will be slightly more confusing at busier times to make sure you have the right order and also when choosing from the tags selection. if one tag is currently selected, naturally youll try to select both halves and click the tag again if the customers chooses the same topping(onions) for the second half but it only unselects the selected tag(onions). and the way around it is unselect the topping(onions) and then select both halves prefix and then select the topping(onions) again.

I just want to add that r.e.v.e.l systems for pizza solution on the ipad offer and showcase this feature in their product video because its an attractive system to attract pizza shops and maybe sub shops like subway etc.

This is the way I handle half & half Pizza: with Product Portions

Dear @QMcKay, I have tested this, and in my kitchen I havew the problem that in a busy saturday we sell 30 pizzas in two hours, and when the time comes that the kitchen is complicated they do TWO (2) pizzas instead of ONE (1) half and half…

I think this is an interesting point to discuss with @emre and @JohnS to see if we can develop a solution with the available tools. I personally imagin that if the managed to come accross the cupons and gift certificates, this should not be that complicated :wink:



So is it solved here ?

Its solved… it works for me, but maybe someone comes with a better idea… that is why I have posted how I did it…



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