Another "can't connect to database with current setting" issue

I dont remember ever having to do that?

This is if you work with RDP (Remote Desktop) connections, not sure of it is relevant.
But he use data source=IBM-THINK\SQLEXPRESS;
Than you should have TCP/IP and Named Pipes enabled.
Named Pipes is for a DNS lookup, in his case the computer name IBM-THINK


Thanks guys for the help. After days of troubleshooting and almost gone mad. Apparently the Huawei router is the culprit, there some bad copies in the market and a lot of people experiencing same problem with me.

At the end I use 2 routers setup and it worked for the SambaPOS eventhough the CCTV got problem. Well at least I can now solve the problem.

Thanks for the information about MySQL part , I can do the portforwarding for future reference.

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need to bind the tcp port 1433 to the ip also in the above protocol config