Another screen switch issue

@Jesse any ideas? this worked fine until implementing the switch user setup. basically if only 1 item on the ticket and it is removed the ticket should close and logout. this worked fine before, but now of i remove it i get screen switch as shown below where the main menu button disappears.

do you have any idea where i should look for conflicts? or how to solve?

I dont suppose the new release your testing deals with screen switch issues?

i item added

select it an press remove item

item should now be removed, ticket closed and logs out. however i get this screen instead with main menu buttons missing

This i smy rule for removing an item when it is the only item on the ticket

if i remove the logout action from the rule, the rest works fine the ticket closes and then i can manually log out. when the log out action is added i get screen switch issue and suggestions?

Do you have logout inside anyother Ticket Closing rules? Can you show your Remove Item action?

It may not be fully closing ticket before logout. Try making it execute an automation command to execute logout? Maybe put a delay on it?

nope, no logout inside any ticket closing or ticket closed rules

Remove item action

how do you put a delay on logout?

The Execute Automation Command action has option to put a delay on it.

is the delay in seconds?

Spot on that worked!! set up logout action with delay of 2 (must be seconds) and it worked

thanks again!!! might be able to use that in other areas where i had screen switch issue now :slight_smile:

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makes my auto assign staff with 100% discount and logout work now too :slight_smile: so its just 1 card swipe to assign staff entity and add discount and close and logout ticket :slight_smile: