[Answered] Problems after cancel a product

Hi @emre,

First of all congratulations for sambapos and thank you for your dedication.

I have added the action reopen a closed ticket, everything works fine, but the problem is:

  1. I reopen a closed ticked.
  2. I void a product
  3. Then I settle, customer pay with cash or credit card
  4. Here start the problem. In the main menu; Tickets, the total displayed is not equal to the value generated by Reports.
    In the reports there still sums that product even If I voided it first in the ticket.

Hope you can understand the problem.

Thanks in advance

If you want to change payments you should cancel all payments and settle it from beginning. Do you also cancel payments after opening ticket?

Yes, I void some items after reopening a ticket and after that I settle it.

But then the total amount of tickets doesn’t match with the report generated for that day.

How is the correct form to cancel all payments for that closed ticket after reopening it? All o parcial


Execute Cancel Ticket Payments action as demonstrated here.

Thanks emre for your answer, I followed the instructions and it seems to be fixed.

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask another related question:

Once a ticket is closed, and you reopen it to void a product, this item will be cross out.

Is there any way to hide it? For example only the administrador can see it?

Thank you

May I learn the reason for it?

Thanks for fast reply,

I read in another post some workers have done tricks to win extra money, thats is not our reason.

The workers have his own role, so after voided a product they don’t need to have it in ticket list, but if only Administrator could audit this and check it will be cool.


Sorry I meant the reason of not displaying void items to waiters but it seems this is just a visual issue for you. The reason we display it is not only security. All transactional data have a meaning and if a customer recently returned an item because “it tastes not good” we think it should stay there for waiters reference since it gives an idea about customer. So I’ll recommend you to keep them and if you didn’t do so I also recommend to use void reasons as well to improve that feature.

If you really think they should not appear to waiters I can add it to our to do list to discuss it with team.

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