[Answered] Question about the entity search screen

Why I do not see the button to select customer?
I also can not create Customer Account Transaction.
Please help

If you start typing a Name or other field like Phone, the Account Details button will Enable.

Also check your Entity Screen details.

I do believe though, that when you highlight a Customer, the Select Customer button should become Enabled…

EDIT: there needs to be an Open Work Period for the Select Customer button to be allowed to Enable…

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Is not disabled is just not there at all

Check your Entity Screen configuration for Customer Search to ensure it is set up properly.

What does it look like? Which version are you running?

I’m using 4.1.72

Ok but how is your Customer Search Entity Screen configured?

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Make sure its linked in the Ticket Type as well.

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I checked again and everything is set correctly. I can not find what’s wrong :pensive:

Are you switching to that screen with Select Entity action? If so I’ve added Entity Screen setting there so setting the screen name should solve this problem.

Edit: No I don’t allow null screens.

Ticket type correctly assigned and ticket type’s entity mapping should include customers. If you’ve recently made a rename on customer entity type name please remove entity mapping from ticket type and re-map it.

Thank you @emre @QMcKay @Jesse
Problem solved :smiley:
@Jesse, You were right, the problem was what you said.

@QMcKay when single entity listed here select customer should appear enabled. Does it appear disabled for you if you don’t click on a customer name?

It was still disabled, but this was only because I didn’t have an active Open Work Period. It functions properly when the Work Period is Open, so no worries.

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