Any clue why my POS screen(an AC button) is now password protected?

After numerous import/export configuration tasks and such, my POS screen now is password protected. I tried password of the users, no luck. Not sure which process or when the behavior changed since I usually use the department button to go into the order screen. Lately, I have been trying the QMX most, lost the active automation buttons for navigation once, recovered it and also upgrade to SQLExpress 2017. I tried to locate any rule that may be affecting it, so far no luck. Anyone has an insight to this?

What do you mean password protected?
Your POS screen in samba or in QMX?
Samba doesn’t had a built in ‘password protect’ - do you mean admin pin prompt you can set for automation command buttons?

I click on Pos and then

That’s got to be. [?Prompt] expression .
I expect it will be in an execute automation command action for command value field.
Should be easy to locate either way.
Fine the POS button automation command. Then find the automation command executed event rule triggering from the POS button and follow the flow.

Looks like you imported my time clock configuration task the post explains it.

I thought the password of a user will unlock it I will have to read it again. I must have mixed up with other Time Clock implementations during testing and learning period.

No you set pin in entity. Mine uses entities not users

Yes, I realized that. I can see or change the “password” of the employee entities. If I added a new employee through your configuration task the pin will be labelled as password in the employee entity. But if I click POS, the password of the employee cannot be used to unlock it!

Note: the Time Clock function has no apparent issue.

Actually the error msg is “No Valid License Key” if I input a password(pin) of the Time Clock Employee Entity when the License Key Module installed.

employee password same as pin|690x350

Means you needed to activate a license then.

The license activation thing is driving me nuts and in fact put a lot of stress on me worrying about the live system(that is now 5 hours away from me) going inactivated in middle of the night if I clear the key here with my laptop. The live systems and this laptop I am doing my learning were activated long time ago. After I upgraded this laptop to the latest V5 Pro it becomes inactivated and when I try to activate it, it says incorrect password. So I was running with the license module NOT installed. Interestingly the “Unregistered” label is not flagging in this scenario even though I know the procedure is not proper. So I have let it run like that for a couple of weeks. Now, if I want to do the proper way by clearing key and reinstall key, I need to go to my CP(where I use to see no. of licenses I have purchased). Today, there is none. This further worries me that if I do anything, the live system 5 hours away will go KaBoom! Sigh.