Any ideas of add order action and order added event

I have a niggle in my inclusive DBB package setup.
Specificly for specials.
So normal products are added on menu and rules in place for the first x starters/main/desserts (where x is occupancy of room entity) where selected room is on DBB package that the price is set to the package price (custom order tag) which is generally 0 or the odd supplement product like steak.
These rules are on order added event.

My specials setup uses custom menu button to automatically as a special product which has its price set from program settings in the add order action;


My issue is that the underlying specials product is being added is prices at 1 and the price field in the add order action seems to not set as part of adding but after the fact as my package order added rules action BEFORE the price setting of the add order action itself.
Hope this makes sense.
The issue then is that a special product which should be package price of 0 has an origional price state value of 1 (product price) and the actual order price is then updated AFTER the package price change to 0…
When it first came up I thought its fine it will just need the rule sorting adjusted however its not that simple since they are different events and cannot make the add special after the package order added rules as the order wouldn’t be added LOL
Anyone have any ideas that arnt going to get overly complicated.