Any Media Player for navigation screen to play music

Hi, is their any way to add any media player like “Window Media Player, VLC Player. etc” at navigation screen to play music from saved song in my Computer.

You would have to research that from the developers website for each app. It could work if they have a scripting front end that you can access with jscript. I know some of the popular online streaming services have API access that you can maybe use with SambaPOS v5 scripting.

But i need play offline files from my computer storage drive.

Then you need to code something yourself because that won t be possible otherwise unless the apps have something you can hook into with Jscript or .net

You can use Start Process Action to run batch file. Most of those player have basic command line option.


You can use Start Process Action with VLC.

The VLC Portable seems not compatible with Win10 or at least my version, you need to use the install version. I mapped it to a Navigation button and worked. I only fix it to one media so far and the media has to be in Samba program directory. The syntax of the VLC command line combined with the parameter of SambaPOS is a bit odd. Will try to make fancier version like playlist later.

Ive tried this, the best I got to was to display an online player link in a custom entity screen, however when you navigate away it closes the link.

I resolved it by creating a button that would open ‘spotify’