Any Mini PC recommendations?

It needs to have at least 5 usb ports.

How mini?
I have used Dell Optiplex 780/790 USFF models for most of my machines. And maybe up a larger setup server to a SFF version with higher spec.

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I use Lenovo ThinkCentre

Mini-PC Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p tiny i5 2,9GHz 8GB RAM 500GB HDD WINDOWS 10

You can order from ebay ~200-300 Euro

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I currently use a Lenovo all in one touch pc. But looking at experimenting with a mini pc connected to a touchscreen monitor which I can mount.

I found this touchscreen which looks suitable for use on a epos:

Does anyone have any recomemdations for screen?

That looks like a very good spec, however I would need a HDMI output and WiFi also.

I guess something like a Lenovo ThinkCente Tiny but the DELL are not that big either.

Those USFF are aprox 12"x12"x2" fit nicely under/behind screen or under counter.
Good thing about using seperates setup like this is repairs and parts are easier to get hold of.

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I use Intel NUC5i5myhe. These are vPro machines, meaning that I have full remote keyboard, video, and mouse control. So if one of the workers is having trouble with the computer, I can restart the computer and log on to Windows remotely without dropping the rdp connection.

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