Any way to hold Auto logout or easy way to change terminal


i’m looking for away to hold the auto log out option without accessing to settings every time,
maybe some auto-commend to update program settings for auto log out?
or maybe some auto-commend to change terminal to one that is not auto log out?

thank you

On default option… Probably not… Even if you used SQL script to manipulate the database directly it’s most likely the change wouldn’t be reflected in that session/login and either logout/restart would be required.
I don’t use autologout, I have automation of my own to do similar job which let’s me tweek the senarios where autologout happens and if I wanted the addition of say a program setting constraint could allow a bypass

thank you for reply,

can you explain more about this?

Rather than using autologout option on terminal settings I use the logout action in my automation so I can choose when user is logged out or not depending on the type of automation.

not sure if it can help me,
i want to use the auto logout so i can track who from the staff did each order,
so i must to have it logout every “close”
but sometimes i need to reopen bunch of old ticket so it’s enjoying when is logging out all the time, (on my PC that only me using, i’m using different terminal that not auto log out)

Yes, but you want it not to log you out each time for example rather than just not log out your terminal.
I have this, my admin pin that I use doesnt get logged out each close unlike all other staff.
This is what I am telling you, you can make a ticket closed rule and add a logout action but map it to all but your admin/manager user role for example. Or add a constraint on the rule for whatever other restriction you want for it not loggin out.
I do this so that the user gets logged out after ticket payment/settle but they can use the close button to jump between tables etc without reloggin in.

ho this is sounds good,
can you guide me how to do it?

You make a logout action… and add it to the rules where you want logout to happen - ie after close ticket on close ticket role…
The logout action has option for not logging out admin.

ho man brilliant idea!

i create Astaff Ruler and i give all permissions to this one
so staff that need to have Admin access can have it but they are not real “Admin”
and i create only one Admin user so anyone that need to ReOpen old ticket can do it form this user, but i disable the Settle automation form Admin users
so to settle the bill they will have to change back the personal user so i can track it

thank you so much for it!