Anyone Experimenting Gloriafood Dine in functions with SambaIN?

Hello Forum,

Recently Gloriafood implemented the Dine in function for the customer to scan QR code and be able to order via their phone.
I have a couple of restaurant clients that are interested in this,
I wonder anyone had a head start and tried this with SambaIN?
Will it work? and
How do you programme SambaPOS so the orders get assigned to the correct table?
Would be nice to see some examples and ideas.


It does work yes.
However I don’t think SambaIn sends the Table Number to SambaPOS.

In my case I have the issue that I have 2 separate Gloriafood accounts - 1 for takeaway and 1 for Dine In - the reasons for this:

  • I offer a discount for takeaway - therefore 2 separate pricing structures
  • My kitchen needs to confirm wait time for takeaway orders but dine-in can be confirmed by bar staff as they would be when taking orders directly with customers - therefore I have one tablet in kitchen for takeaways and another behind the bar for dine-in.
  • Unfortunately Gloriafood does not have the facility for separate pricing depending on takeaway/dine-in and it would be far too easy for customers to scroll through the menu and select a takeaway meal when dining in (outdoors only in England at moment) and expect the lower price.

As you can only run one SambaIn process at a time I have resorted to keeping the integration setup for the takeaway but manually input the dine-in orders when they come through.

Ideally I could do with a second integration or the option within SambaIn to add a second Gloriafood account - I know this is possible as I experimented with running 2 instances of SambaIn with different Gloriafood login details and both did receive the orders but also duplicated the orders in SambaPOS.

I have tried to setup my own integration but as yet still learning the GraphQL side and not got it working as I would like.

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We need to update Sambain for this. I don’t have any time frame eta.

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I had accidentally left dine in available as an option on my takeaway settings in gloriafood and the ticket did come through to Samba- however as it is a dine_in and not pickup I could only see the tickets on the open tickets lister and not my pickup tickets lister.
Also didn’t print to my kitchen printer but this is probably down to my rules and how my print jobs are assigned to specific ticket types.
As Jesse says dine_in is something that needs updating when they get the chance.

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This is interesting to know. Thank you @KryptonFactor
So I presume if we use the correct rules and listers, then it is possible to get the dine-in orders to function the same as other types of tickets then?

I might play around with it in a test instance and see what happens.

The issue I see with how GloriaFood has implemented this is there seems to be no way to link a table number with a given generated QR code, relying on the guest to input the table number.

Say the table is A21. The customer enters z21 or s21, or even a21 as this won’t match if the table entity is A21 (case sensitive). How does one begin to parse that to make sure the table entity can be properly set?

I sometimes wonder if GloriaFood is part of Microsoft. The end users are telling GloriaFood “hey, it would be great if this feature worked this way” and they reply, “nope, we know best”. Like the tiny-ass scrollbar when viewing the menu: what is this? A scrollbar for ants?


I guess you would have to work out some alternative for unmatched, perhaps an unmatched table and put input table number as a tag for staff to manually decifer?

Had a quick scan of the api docs documentation update for dine_in · GlobalFood/integration_docs@3237be2 · GitHub
Just done an experiment with the Gloriafood generated QR code link, if you insert &table_number=T15 (where T15 would be you table number) just before the restaurant uid it auto populates the table number.**********************
Just need to the use a QR generator to create a new image to use.
So tomorrows fun job for me will be to reprint all the QR codes i have put on my tables with unique ones for each table.


Is this doable within GloriaFood or are did you have to something else to generate the QR code with the table_number in the GET request?

He made his own qr code with the get in the url.
You’ll probably find other fields if any might be prefillable with get url var if that’s the case.
Our booking system can prefilled all form fields, they list obvious ones in docs but found they parse all vars so inspecting to check field id in html and use the field id for var name and you can prefill all the fields if you want.

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SambaIn I think receives the table number but does not pass it on to SambaPOS as far as I know. Will experiment a little with it next week.

@Jesse it would be helpful if the following could be added as ticket tags by SambaIn:
type (think this is already passed on)

Others may also like :
client_address_parts zipcode

Also maybe an option in SambaIn to select the ticket type for dine_in - for me I would select Ticket while Pickup would remain as a separate ticket type. I appreciate the developers already probably have a lot to do but these would help with the integration in my opinion.

We will evaluate it and make appropriate changes to support dine in. I am not sure ticket tags are the right method. It presents a problem for us because of how everyone handles this stuff can vary depending on how they setup sambapos. We are really focused on a few other projects right now but we will revisit gloriafood integration.


Also maybe an option in SambaIn to select the ticket type

That’s what I did - specify ticket type and department for delivery, pickup, pre-order, and dine-in.

Yes I found this out myself as well just from random experimenting / guessing query string values. The way Gloriafood have implemented generating the QR definitely needs a lot of work but you can create your own QR codes and add this with table to prefill, unfortunately though customer can still change I believe. I requested them to make it so table numbers are a dropdown from predefined values. No matter how SambaPOS implement this, there will always need to be some confirmation of the table in SambaPOS since the data from Gloriafood order cannot be trusted.

Right now also to get the QR code you need to email “the printer” (i.e. just to yourself) and it sends a PDF for printing LOL. They should just give the URL or a QR code downloadable as a PNG but as always they never do the most logical thing at first and probably they have 100 excuses as why “their way is best” LOL…