Anyone got a Dell XPS 13?

Hi Guys,
Looking at changing from my Macbook Pro to a Dell XPS 13, wondering if any of you have experience with them and can offer a real world opinion?
Looking at the last model 9360 but the revised 8th Gen 8550U model, 16GB ram and 512 SSD. Only the FHD screen as dont want to have to keep messing with scaling when docking to my 3 1080 screens on my desk.
Main aim if to have one machine, laptop and dock it on my desk.

Well I got one :slight_smile:
So far really liking it.
Got the Dell WD16 dock so I can power my 3 screens and works well;

No what is specifications??

The i7 8550U 16GB 512SSD version. Non touch FHD