Anyone in UK have a MagCard printer?

Looking to have 1 MagCard printed for a competition winner… don’t really want to spend £600+ just for 1 card.

Its full colour, although mainly dark blue.

Willing to pay and pay postage costs… and even some to charity too (charity CRY)


You could buy a seccond hand card printer for less than 600 ;-p

Your right, ok… I’m not into spending 300 on 1 card lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used to have a guy but have been using rfid for a long time now and dont have his details anymore.
I could print you vinyl to stick on a card. depends on how long it needs to last.
But would cost nothing in comparason.

You could get some custom bar runners while your at it :wink:

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wut, bar runners? Sounds good :stuck_out_tongue:

Its very frustrating, id like to buy one… cos I’m sure that it’ll be easier in the long run when people want their own cards I could even get their name on them too.


Printing serialised or named cards is a PITA.
If you use allot of printed cards for loyalty etc it might be worth investing.
Preprinted cards with a value on like itunes cards etc.

I’m definitely liking the bar runners, will be in touch after refit I’m sure!

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