Anyone used a pos printer/drawer alarm?

Just wondered if anyone had experience with one of these devices.
Found a couple.
They trigger from cash drawer kick and can be used for say kitchen printer as an alarm for order coming in to ensure the new order is noticed.

I’ve seen quite a few thermal receipt printers these days have this functionality built in. Some have a speaker and can make a loud noise, or even play a custom sound file. Some also have a sensor to detect if the receipt has been removed and if not, can make a sound repeatedly until it is removed.

Also can get with an array of LED lights that flash when an order comes in. All this is customisable via printer commands.

I think these type of options are far better built into printer and customisable using printer commands, which therefore means should be customisable from printer templates.

That mean big $$$ :sweat_smile:

Nope, similar price as others on the market

Yeah, if you want to buy brand new. I only buy used one lol for under $60.

There is a tutorial floating around on how to make one from common parts bought at an electronics store.

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The new range of POS printers I actually bring in, have an inbuilt feature with not only flashy lights but also a beeping sound that notifies whoever is there, the order is here, and it only stops until the order is ripped from the printer. auto cutter embedded of course

EDIT: They not as expensive as you think.

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You got a link mark? Would be intrigued to have a look.
The external ones were only £30-40 which I thought was quite reasonable however being a complete geek @Jesse s link has excited me :slightly_smiling:

This is my local supplier in Hong Kong. I haven’t used this printer before, but I’m also intrigued and going to get a loan of one from them probably next week to play around with it. The print speed is also very fast, 300mm/sec.

Also, these 2 printers have models with optional LED lights and alarm: *

(* thankfully also in black. I have no idea who would want a pretty disgusting looking gold printer but I guess there is a market for everything… "Apple launched a gold iPhone, hey, let’s make a gold receipt printer, it must also sell well! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ewwwww, defiantly dont like the gold one LOL.
Any idea what kind of RRP these would have.

They will both have MOQ for overseas order and I don’t think EC Line will ship to UK.

I would say RRP would be around £130.

I haven’t used either of them but I do have a relationship with both suppliers so I can sell them - send me a PM if interested.

most popular kitchen printer in our place is Bixolon SRP-275 etc, i use the same can print red and black color, and beeps when a order printed and out of paper hope most of kitchen printers have these even when i used first it wasn’t when i searched manual and set the dip switch …nice printer never had problem.

Yeah as far as I am aware most (I have seen) can beep, and you can make them beep using commands as well, but are usually only limited to length of beep and number of beeps, but not volume. However the biggest problem is in a noisy kitchen environment, the beep is not loud enough to be heard. So the advantage of these printers that can make louder (custom) noise and/or flash lights work well in such environment. Many used to (and still do) use dot matrix impact printers in kitchen, one benefit is the noise they make, which is now lost as more people move to use thermal printers even for kitchen.

And this one is a dot matrix impact printer, which are noisy when printing so you don’t have the same issue compared to those people using thermal (i.e. pretty much silent printing).