[OFF TOPIC] Buzzer or Bell for printer

I know this is not the right place, but maybe someone already solved this…

My kitchen employees, in a non busy day, are lazy and they like to take some fresh air, so when an order arrives and the printer prints it… they miss it and I have to go after them…

is there any device that I can attach to the printer to make a noise like a bell or ring everytime a printout comes?



I think you can find something like this. http://www.eposperipherals.co.uk/melody-box-bixolon-rmb100/

More suggestions will come but for fun I’m copying @spanky’s nice DIY project from V2 forums here.

This guide will explain how to create a simple buzzer with little money.
First of all, buy a buzzer for intercom, available at any electronics store.
The model and the voltage does not matter, in my case I used one of
Ulmet the cost of 6 euros.
Obtain a telephone cable with 4-pin connector (make sure it has all poles connected to the cable)
Connect the den that corresponds to pin 2 partedno left the buzzer positive and the negative to pin 4 (see photos)
Place the beginning or end in the print pattern that interests us the following command <XCT> 27,112,48,100,200
The game is done
The command will only send a pulse to the gate of the money drawer which will sound the buzzer
You can increase or decrease the length of the sound playing with the last two numbers of the command, or you can add more commands to emmettere more sounds.


@emre my only issue with this is that i have my cash drawer plugged into my bar printer as the main terminal where i take payments is at the bar, is there any other way i could connect it to the printer ?

Try a RJ11 splitter? Not sure if it would work or not but it seems logical that it would.

Have a contruction diagram to made the kitchen bell?

Its very simple the pictures and description tell you exactly what to do.