Anyone using Kindle Fire 7" to run the SambaPOS Mobile Client?

I DL the APK into my Kindle Fire 7" which has been “rooted” already. However, I was unable to click the install button after the apk loads. Any suggestion?

Is it because I do not root the device correctly? I am able to use Google Play on it.

Also what minimum version of Android does it runs on - I tried it on a Insignia 10", the app get stuck at the log in screen without letting me enter the password plus the menu is in language other English.

You won’t need a rooted device to install an APK, you may just need to turn off the setting to allow you to install software from unknown sources.

It won’t be related to the App Store. However I haven’t had experience with Amazon Fire tablets I do know they have their own customised version of Android, but I wouldn’t think that would stop it working (otherwise thousands of other apps won’t work on the tablets).

I myself tested an earlier version of the mobile app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10" and it worked fine. The tablet isn’t rooted and I just needed to disable the option in settings like I mention above.

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Not sure if that’s the issue. Are you using SambaPOS in English? I believe the mobile app only supports English and Turkish right now.

Did you follow all setup instructions for the mobile app, including adding the application in SambaPOS?

You can rule out any issue about it being your database or menu language by creating a new database with sample data then connecting the mobile app to it. If it works, then might be your database.

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Kindle fire has to be rooted they install a special firmware sob only amazonstore works for apps. It could just not be compatible with Amazon devices.

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The reason why I mention I can use Google Play Store in Amazon Fire is to point out that I have rooted the device. I know it is not a problem with the app store that cause the SambaPOS app not to run . The Amazon Fire seems to have limit ALL apps of unknown sources - that’s the reason why we root it to load up Google Play in the first place. However, I kind of feel this particular Fire I have is not rooted “completely” because there are others apps that it cannot install as well while they can be install in other same models I bought at the same time after I rooted them for my friends. Unfortunately, I am in another town from the other Fires that I have given to my friends.

I visited SambaPOS Wikia and download the app from there in this fire, the Samba Mobile does install in this machine and allow me to config.

After setting up, I think it will require me to purchase a license before further action, is that correct? The reason why I asked is that it does not allow me to enter the PIN/Password at the first screen after loading the App.

If so, this also brings to a new question about how many waiters/mobile machines I can run on the same license in a same restaurant?

The android app is licenced per device.

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