API - AddOrderToTerminalTicket - add item as gift

We used in past time to add item as gift to ticket:
mutation m{ addTicket “{name:“ProductName”,quantity:1,calculatePrice:false,portion:,states:[{stateName:Status,state:New},{stateName:GStatus,state:Gift}]}”…

Now we switch to new recomended solution with terminal

How we can add item to terminal as gift in command addOrderToTerminalTicket?

Gift is just a state and calculate price = false.
So set state is same way no?

desription command addOrderToTerminalTicket

addOrderToTerminalTicket(terminalId: StringproductName: StringproductId: Intquantity: Decimalprice: DecimalenforceQuantity: Booleanportion: StringorderTags: StringgroupTagName: StringgroupTagFormat: String): Ticket

there is no option to set state or there is some hidden option?

You can set state. Look at graphIQL and click on each subsection of that method.

yes sure. I already look to each subsection. In command addOrderToTerminalTicket is only basic variable no object to set like state. Sorry but I don’’ see it. Or you have some new beta version where is this option available?