Hello Emre and Team

In V5, is there any possibility to access SAMBAPOS via API (Create Ticket, Print Kitchen Order)?

We have tools like NancyFx or equivalent, it will be easy to create API

We have tools like Xamarin or Fusetools to create an cross domain app

Here is whats available right now:


Your request is vague. I understand the need but can you explain your plans on how and what your going to do with the API?

Is it a website integration? EDIT: Of course its website you mentioned Nancy…

We have discussed this before and some interest is shown and then the conversation just stops. Can you share more of what you plan to do and some ideas of how we might communicate with SambaPOS?

Hello Kendash

Creating a Mobile App for customer or waiter or owners as well

I learnt new word today @Jesse use this 2 times in minutes. lol.

Why don’t you use RDP then? I thought you want customer order directly from mobile.

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We can easily do this through the JScript API but we need to work out how SambaPOS would receive orders etc from the app. It needs to listen somehow for that similar to how the Twitter integration works.

Twitter module might be pulling the order from Sambapos but we need to have a port to be listened for the incoming connections

I think @emre can give clarity on this

RDP is using lots of bandwidth and it will not be possible in a multi floor restaurant

Twitter module listens for tweets and reads them. I was saying we need something that is similar that can listen for the web requests. Considering the environment used which is .net I was hoping maybe you could suggest some ideas to Emre.

Just opening a port to listen on doesnt seem like the right route for this. I mean that could cause potential problems. Anyone could send data to that port…

he could code something specific that works specifically with your Web solution but then that would not be useful for anyone else but you. So we need to find out a better solution that can be used for anyone.

Twitter Module is pulling the tweets from Twitter and it is not listening for Tweets (if it listens for tweets, which means Twitter has to call Samba when there is a new tweet which is not the case)

The community needs a module to create ticket in Samba and print bill and send it to Kitchen and so on

If he opens up, there will be loads of oppurtunities will be created for the system integerators and more solution can be added to the Samba Market

When a new tweet comes in it displays it instantly like caller id. It does listen. Perhaps you need to use it to understand?

It does listen that’s my point we need something similar.