App based drinks ordering

Hi with covid-19 and lockdown being slackened and bars may be allowed to open soon can Samba pos be used as an app for ordering drinks from outside to then be delivered to a table either inside or outside.
Or any ideas of how we could achieve this.

You can use GO Kiosk app and/or Go Tablet app for self service operations.

Hi thank you for this but it is not what we are looking for. We want our customers to be able to send their drinks order and pay for it and the order gets sent to the bar and once poured it is then delivered to a collection table.

you can use gloriafood or restajet integration. customers can order online with own mobile phone.

Can you please tell me how these systems work and what is the cost.


First you must buy a gloriafood license. you can see price on your cp. then create a gloriafood account.

you will set up a website like and your customers will use this website to order.
in normaly gloriafood uses for takeaway and delivery. i have just suggested for solve problem.
the cost is about 200 $/year

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