App verion 5.2.20 Missing ~Update Application Subtitle

Under Actions, Update Application Subtitle. is missing, i had three actions which are now undefined and i can only delete but i cant add them back or even editing them.

Subtitle was part of a module like extra ticket options like reopen in V4.
Can’t remember if it was changed in v5 or not but it was never installed by default on V4 so a new terminal etc would have the undefined actions.

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Make sure More Ticket Options module is installed

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Thank you @Jesse … My head i never thought of that next to More Ticket Actions, there is Shell Subtitle.

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Much as I hate to bump an old thread, I have Update Application Subtitle missing on my two slave terminals, but present on server terminal.

More Ticket Actions is installed on all terminals.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Maybe uninstall the module and reinstall?

Have done, on all three. No joy.

Ok turns out… I’m a moron. One of the terminals was missing the Shell Subtitle module. Thanks for replying anyway!

Application subtitle is not the More Ticket Actions it has its own module.

Shell Subtitle contains the Application Module.