Apply discount by product group shows strange figures in the settle screen

Hi all,

had this today reported from a restaurant:

the restaurant has a Food discount and a 10% service charge for special guests.
for illustration, I put a drink item and a food item on a ticket,

service charge is added automatically.
then I apply the 10% food discount.

as you can see, the calculation was updated accordingly. everything seems fine at this stage,
and when clicked on the settle, something strange is happening:
note the original price for the food item is 13.80, and the drink item is 6.00.

as you can see, somehow,
on the settle screen the food item is priced at 14.12 and the drink item is 6.14,
although the total price is correct, but I fail to understand where these figures are from.
Also, it does cause problems when people are splitting the bill and only paying by items they had.

any help would be appreciated.

This screen splits fees evenly visually in the event you want to split payments. So each person can pay their share of the taxes and fees when selecting items to split payments.

The calculations are correct.

If you did not do this then the last person to pay would get 100% of taxes and fees which is not right when
Splitting by items.

In reality it was helping you when splitting items by ensuring taxes and fees were also spread to the items.

Hi Jesse, thanks for the explanation.l, I understand what you saying here.
However, if you look closely at the figures,

The drink original price is 6.00,
With service charge at 10% (6*1.1)it should be 6.60

And the food item original price is 13.80,
Discounted by 10% is 12.42, then put 10% service charge on, (13.80 * 0.9 * 1.1) it is 13.66.

Together 6.60 + 13.66 = 20.26

As you can see, I fail to understand where the 6.14 and 14.12 on the settle screen comes from. They somehow isn’t representing anything relevant to the order.

In a splitting situation,
The person paying the drink is paying less than what they supposed to pay, and the person paying the food is paying more than what they supposed to pay.

It’s not 10% x food item. It’s dollar amount of ticket calculation spread into the items.

Simple math. 1.84-1.38 = .46 Then .46 is spread to the two items proportionately.

This evens out the discounts and taxes and fees to each person if you split it by selecting items. And they accurately pay their share of the ticket based discounts, taxes and fees.

If you didn’t do this then like I said last person would pay them all and it wouldn’t be accurate