Apply service charge at specific time of the day


Can someone shed some guidance on how to go about to have the system automatically charge 10% service charge for dinner service (ex. from 6pm and onward) and turn it off for lunch service (ex. from 12pm to 6pm) no service charge

p.s i have already setup the system to charge 10% using the HOW TO setup service charge tutorial

Thanks so much in advance!

Ticket created rule most likely. With action to add calculation.
Constraints of something like;

{DATE:HHMM} larger than 1800
{DATE:HHMM} smaller than 2400

Matches all likly need setting.

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Tried your method but doesn’t work.

Service charges are being added to ticket regardless of the time set.

Any idea?

Did you change to matches all?

Yes. change to match, match any, match all…

It adds service charge as soon as I created the ticket regardless of the time.

BTW, when you say action to add calculation
I assume you mean action > update ticket calculation ? because I couldn’t find an action named “add calculation”

Yes that’s the one.
Please show your rule.

Incase you copied my date expressions like for like it’s meant to be HHmm I think not all capitals. May be the issue.

There is a second part of the setup I am trying to achieve so maybe I should explain the goal as a whole.
P.S I do not need taxes or anything extra included in the total.

I have 5 tables setup in the system named as the following (in the entity section)
so Table01, Table02, Table03 and Takeout01 and Takeout02

Takeout01 and Takeout02 should not charge service charge any time of the day

Table01, Table02 and Table03 should not charge service charge from 12pm - 6pm and charge 10% from 6pm onward to 11pm

Tried JTR’s suggestion but no go… also how would it add service charge upon create new ticket if there are no items in the ticket to begin with?

I am not sure which create new ticket it should be? but i am assuming it’s the New Ticket Creating Rule under Ticket Created?
InkedIMAG0357_LI InkedIMAG0358_LI

Rule and Action
IMAG0356 IMAG0359

Service charge created by following the How To add Service Charge Tutorial
IMAG0361 IMAG0362

You still need to put the rate in the update calculation action.
And yes it’s the ticket created rule not the automation command to create new ticket.
Because it is a rate calculation you can apply at anytime and it will increase as the ticket changes.

Got it to work… thx JTR for the guidance.
I went with a slight different approach.

  1. setup calculation type/selector to add service charge to all ticket
  2. setup action to remove service charge calculation
  3. setup new ticket creating rule to remove service charge before 6pm
    which use the custom constrain {DATE:HHmm} less 1800
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Hi guy, I have same problem for set the special time for service charge,can u show me how to settings step by step :sob: :sob: thanks

Please check the documents below:

In addition to TayFun’s links, for hourly constraints you can try something like this in the rule to add service charge:

This will allow the rule to execute between 1300 (1PM) and 1800 (6PM)