Applying Tax to gifted item

Hello all, I have been searching the forum on how to apply tax to items gifted. For example ;

1BTL Coke 100
1BTL Beer 100 - Gifted
Sub total 100
10% Tax 20
Bill Total 120

This is what I want to achieve


You need to use a calculation for that. Tax will not work on 0 price

Yes , you right . I saw that option on the forum but can calculation button be shown on the orderline as the gift button?

Ok you mean I use calculations to compute tax instead of tax templates. I will try

Why would you pay tax on something that free? Its not revenue/sale if it has no price.

@JTRTech, with our tax regime, gift is taxable to avoid invasion by declaring sales as gift

But surly without income what are they taxing?
If thats the case what stops you just not declaring? Do they just tax you based on what they think you sell? LOL

Hahaha , its interesting