Are periods (“.”) valid characters in ticket tag names?

I have two ticket tags: “Tiempo Estimado” and “Nro. Personas”.

Both have workded perfectly with every other aspect of SambaPOS but I am now facing a problem with reporting.

This works just fine:

Ticket tag|Ticket ID|Ticket type
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Tiempo Estimado,T.TicketNumber,T.TicketType}

This doesn’t:

Ticket tag|Ticket ID|Ticket type
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Nro. Personas,T.TicketNumber,T.TicketType}

I have tried using {} [] () ‘’ “” without any luck.

Renaming is not a good option because previouos tickets remain with the old name.

is it posible to get the report for Nro. Personas to work?

Try escaping the period by adding a backslash before the period.

TT.Nro\. Personas

Not surprised that would interfere with reports.

Escaping does not work unfortunately

Is it an option to rename Nro. to just Nro?

Is there any chance you have a period or comma in the TT.Nro. Presonas field?

doubt you would get this anytime soon.
I would say it would broadly be easier to drop the .
If your thinking about historical tickets it shouldn’t be too hard to whip up a script to change the old ticket tags.