As orders are printed on two different printers? Help please hize this

hi all i wanted to order and print on two different printers, Realize the following procedure and not work for me please tell me I’m doing wrong … as I have understood SAMBAPOS3 if you can do that sort of thing.

1.Add New Printer

  1. Add Printer Job

  1. Add my template for my Printer BAR

  1. add to my actions and started the work of the printer
  2. Action List

I FAILED ME !!! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ITEM stay forever grateful


Firstly - V3 is now old and many on forum havn’t even used. Samba is now in V5. You should really ask the question on the V3 site at
Secondly this is not going to be an issue it will be a question as will be a user configuration mistake. Your likely to get a poor response if you do not follow the forum guidelines.

PS. You havn’t shown the rule which is fireing that action… If V3 works anything like V4 or V5 I would expect you have not done the rule part - you will need to add the print job action to the closing ticket rule next to the kitchen print job action.

thanks for the reply man takes into account all the recommendations and please what is meant by the rules was that?I corrigame be very grateful to you

Disculpe por incomodar en el foro :frowning:

Sorry, don’t speak your language so hard to offer further advice, was a guess based on the fact you didn’t show any rules with your print job action.
Additionally as I said it was only a comparison to V4/5 as have had pretty much never used V3.

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thanks, I’m very grateful to you