Ask For Loyalty Card

Hi, I followed the Simple Loyalty Card set up and it works great, however it would be nice to get a pop up that asks for the Loyalty Card number rather than having to go through the customer accounts screen to add the customer.

Whats the best way to add this functionality, and could it be added to a button on the ticket navigation as well as popping up if when a payment button is selected if a loyalty card hasn’t been swiped before the payment is made.

Any Ideas?

Automation with a set ticket entity and use [?Prompt] in the field for the entity search if the number is not the primary field.

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I’ve never actually got it working and I have tried so much…

I have managed to get a pop up that asks if you have card whenever you press a payment button, by using the Execute Automation Command Rule, however unable to redirect to either customer search or pop up an enter customer number box when you select the button that answers yes.

Any Ideas?