Ask for payment type

i have many payment type buttons i like to make it as simple as possible by ask question action/rule
for payment type for every transaction ,
is it possible ? can anybody guide me

Can you elaborate how that’s simpler?
10 payment type buttons = ask question with 10 buttons?
Not following how that is any different?

Thanks for replaying my question

if I add more payment type , payment button on payment screen will become smaller
I like to make ask payment type button

Perhaps if you explain the need for so many it might be easier to offer suggestions.
As it stands it doesn’t make much cheaper sense.

Good lord how many ways can you pay for something? That’s just whacky. No you cant use ask question action from the payment screen. Well you can but not for payment.

yup too many payment type , We have 7 different e-money payment type
paid by scan bar-code and we like to track individually

Onked so that’s 7, default is 4, your showing almost twice that.
Again perhaps further explain…
I would say perhaps you could merge these barcode thypes and have automation flow to check the type but without the info don’t know if that would work…