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Hi, Hope everyone is awesome.

In the ask question action, I made buttons Tomato, Mashroom, Cheese and used the multi-select feature.

And then update the command

But it’s not working with multiple select please guide me.
Thank You

Can you show the action please.


Automation Command Rule

I haven’t used multi select but I assume you have to loop the command value. Is your ask action showing?

If so you need to loop through and apply the tags.

We would need to see the script too. It could be any of those things not working.

Are the buttons showing up properly? And do they pass a value ? You can test with show message.

Yes, buttons are working properly.

But on pressing the OK button nothing work because of multiple select, Single Select working Perfect.
Show Message Return
Thin Crust, Stuffed Cheese Crust

@josephrussell Can you please guide a little about loop or suggest any topic where i can find.
Thank you

In the automation command rule, remove your tag action and add an action - Loop Value and and loop [:CommandValue]. Give the loop name something like Buttons.

Then create a new rule with event value looped name matches buttons. Then add your update tag action with the tag value of looped value.

Sorry away from Samba so I can’t provide screens.


Thanks a lot, Man.
Working Perfect now.

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