Ask Question Action Multi Select

Hi everyone,

I tried to use multi select feature of Ask Question Action but the [:CommandValue] comes out as CMDV1,CMDV2,CMDV3 etc.

Is there a way to split them? Like [:CommandValue1] [:CommandValue2] or something similar?

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

Ah, I already deleted it. Its part of the other question I made about sum of Order Tags, just took a different approach to try solve the same problem.

In the ask question action I made buttons Fork,Knife,Spoon and used multi select feature.

I wanted to run it through an Add Order Rule by using [:CommandValue] as an output of the selected button.

But when you use mutli select the output would be literally Fork,Knife

So my question is it possible pull those command values like [:Button1] [:Button2] or is it limited to give a concatenated output?

Via a script for sure you could split and return by index I guess. I think you would be better to have it know the available options and be able to return a true/false on something like script(‘buttonName’,’[commandValueList]’)