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Hi, I want to resize the button size in the ask question section or any possibility to change the font size because I have more than 20 options, and a few buttons not visible.
Any solution

You should be able to use size and other text formatting tags in the buttons section in your action. For instance:

<size 10>The Classic</size>=1,<size 10>Vegetarian Delight</size>=2, etc… etc…



thank you for your quick reply but it’s not working with {TICKET TAG BUTTONS:Option Name}


I haven’t used {TICKET TAG BUTTONS} but I expect the output is button1,button2,button3. Since you need to apply formatting to each button separately and also give it a specific value, I wouldn’t expect it to work unless you create a script to call this and return the correct format.

What is the output of {TICKET TAG BUTTONS:Option Name}? Can you toss it in a show message action and post a snip?

For instance a simple script for this (if it is in fact option1,option2,option3)

{CALL:Test_Script.Buttons({TICKET TAG BUTTONS:Option Name})}

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ok, I will try this

I was asking for a snip of the Ticket Tag Buttons in a message box, not in the Ask Action. You just need to verify the output is comma separated with just the button names, create the script, and call the script in the buttons field of your action.

I haven’t tested this, but theoretically it should work.


I was thinking about this from your initial post. There are a lot of buttons on that screen.

You could likely create specific groups and use nested ask actions with rules to create sort of a submenu layout. Probably not what the action is intended for, but seems to work.


Thank you mate your script helped a lot for me, everything is working now.

No problem man. Simplified version of portion buttons by @sukasem. There is tons of info on the forum. Just keep searching.

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Thank you so much man :slight_smile:

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