Ask question popup sizing for employees

i have implemented an ask question for my employee names as buttons when i want to assign them tables but the problem i having is the size of the popup question when i have 4 or more employees to chose from…is there a way i can fix the size of my ask question popup as you can see there is a huge blank space and i don t want that…

@VehbiEmiroglu Would you have any insight on this behavior?

Or how a scrollable ask question is suppose to work?

It works when 30 buttons are added if I remember correctly j

Well, now you sparked my curiosity what 30 buttons looks like and how many more buttons can be added. :rofl:

I’ll give it try when I get some time to do some testing!

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Doing a little testing and it looks like the scrollable box will appear after 5 buttons. BUT
the buttons will need to be big buttons (aka loads of text, large text or an image(s)).

It also appears that the description portion of the Ask Question is limited to 2 lines of default size text (screen resolution might effect it also). In the below screen shot I had 10 lines of text, but only the first 2 are being displayed.

The next question I had was ‘How many buttons can I get to display’. I’m not sure what the maximum amount is, but I was able to get 16,384 buttons to display. However, my first attempt crash Samba. I was able to successfully display all buttons upon restarting Samba.

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can you show me your setup on how you did it to show the scrollable ask question

I’m having a little trouble building the buttons within a report. I can build them without a report (static) buttons. It would look something like this:
<size 50>Pick Your User Name<linebreak/> <linebreak/>Tom<linebreak/> <linebreak/></size>=Tom
You would need at least 6 of the buttons before the scrolling ask question to appear. You want to try to make the buttons as large as needed to display the scroll slider.

I’ve tried escaping the special characters (using \) from withing the report, but I have been unsuccessful achieving the desired results.

It scrolls when the data displayed runs off the popup. Its not triggered manually.