Ask question with choosing entity search field?

Hi Guys, is it possible to have a ask question action that pops up when you click on payment button and let you choose directly an entity type?
Thanks for answers!

When you say “entity type” are you meaning customer, gift certificates, gift cards etc.?

Could you expand on what your thinking the flow should look like?

You can make ask question do all sorts but don’t understand your question. Please explain what your doing.

Sorry the late answer…
Ok i have here in my city an diferent payment type, its an account transfer.
I have an Entity Type for this account with the account number and the account name, and of course an Entity Screen for search the account with the number.
So what i want is when i click on the Payment Type that comes an ask question popup where i can enter de account number and choose the account…
I hope i explained it right…;.)

Doesn’t sound very user friendly if they have to select from.a massive list of account numbers?

Hello @JTRTech for me it would be really helpful because its more faster if it works as I want

Could you not press the account button and have a keypad appear instead and key in or swipe or scan a barcode for the customer account number? Thatd be even quicker for you

hello no its more easier atm to choose a number …

How many different accounts do you have to choose from? Do the accounts change often (new accounts added, other not get used after a certain length of time)?

I choose daily from different accounts it is possible what I am thinking about?

Yes, one way is to have your ask question buttons as the account number so when pressed adds payment to that account, but you would need to setup the rules for every button

And if you had more than would fit on one ask question screen you would need to create next page button that opens another ask question with the next set of account numbers on

It would take ages to setup and be difficult to maintain

You would be better off having a simple solution like I said above with just entering the customers number or scanning /swiping a card etc and it would be far easier to maintain and more user friendly

Can you not just explain the setup? Would be easier to help if we knew the accounts setup etc.
Are they entity based? What changes? Why daily different accounts?
It is posible to dynamically set the ask question buttons but without knowing exactly what your doing its hard to advise.

Ok I will show you my current setup
How can i upload a video?!AhhGLBDlpWR1wR-PbwwkP_WWmmfK

then i print that out to a special paper template which the client needs to firm…


did this help?

Can you not just add that customer to the ticket and pay with customer account?

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Yes I can but that’s not the best way. When I am on the payment screen I sometimes have different customers who want to pay this way and I need to change the account or create a new account. And the other thing is that when the payment is clicked I NEEDS that a client account is choosed for this type of payment…if there is not chosen an account then the account information its not printed and that is important for me

But you can select the customer first and pay to their account and create an receipt to print whatever you want

And if you need to change the customer you can quite easily. It’s sounds like you’re trying to complicate something which can be done much simpler, quicker and easier and give you the same twsukt

Yes but it’s a lot easier when I can switch the customer on the payment screen instead go back, much more when you have a lot of clients in front of you :wink:

You can still switch customer on payment screen and refresh screen to show that customers account payments button.

I do that with my gift card setup.

Hi @Jesse how can I do that?

It’s a combination of change ticket entity action, a [?prompt] and a few other things. I’ll share it.after a while.