Ask Ticket Type - Choose ticket types to show

For my call in orders (customer search screen) and order is either delivery or pickup. When a customer is selected I would like to be able to choose between Pickup or Delivery ticket type. That works fine with “Ask Ticket Type” setting but it also has my Normal Ticket Type and waitresses may hit it by accident and it has nothing to do with call in orders. Any way we can maybe map which ticket types to ask?

Just a suggestion

Now that I think about it this would help me out so much. Im trying to set this really complicated restaurant up that uses shifts, multiple drawer accounts, seperate delivery cash account, and also for propper caller ID functionality, As far as to my knowledge extent I dont know of another way to choose ticket type when customer selected. I tried with action but sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

I suggest using single ticket type and use either a ticket tag or ticket state to filter reports to separate them.

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The reason I recommend not using multiple ticket types is because there are lots of little quirks that makes it more of a headache to setup when the only reason most people want different ticket type is just to separate them on reports.

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The problem was that I needed to use a different cash account for delivery so I could zero it out every shift. It was a whole chain of issues/limitations that led me to using ticket types but I have it all figured out now :slight_smile:

I’m mapping payment types to user that does delivery. I’m not letting anyone but delivery user cash out delivery tickets… Problem solved.

Guys I’m learning soooo much I’m so proud of my latest setup I really did some extraordinary things compared to my previous skills. I can’t wait to show off my setup soon