Assigning food order to a table in my restuarant but also a room number

Ok so,

I have a restuarant below my hotel, open to both public and hotel guests.

How can i assign a food order to a table but also bill it to a hotel room?

Any suggestions.

Create a Room Entity Type and Room Entities, in the same way you do with Table or Customer Entities, and assign the Room Entity Type to the Ticket Type.

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@croxtonfishbar note however further customization will be required if guests will pay in the morning as by default you cannot close work period with open tickets.
I would reconmend going down accounts route and avoiding the preorder method as that makes reporting a rightmaire.
I did a fair post on a samba based hotel setup with booking acctouns and room entiies a while back, search on forum and you will find it.

Absolutely for sure. Create and use an Account for each Room Entity so you can Settle the Ticket to a Room Account.

When the client is ready to checkout and pay, you can bring up the Room Account Balance, and post a Credit Payment (by Cash or CC) to the Account to return it to zero.

If your printing a statement for account see the topic where I made the automation to create a booking and account for it on checkin on a room entity. This allowed for seperate account per booking giving a clear statement for each guest.
Although you can make a custom statement and set start/end dates if prefered.

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for some reason the customer account button on my payment screen is not doing anything, so I am unable to add an order to a customer account.

any ideas?

Did you create account on the customers page where you create/edit customer on entity screen?
Is default customer entity type the account name is created using the tel number and if empty the option to create account is disabled.

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I created an account from the entity screen, added a name and a telephone number, but still no luck

Check the Account Type configuration.

Check the Entity Type.

Check the B2 Entity to confirm it has an Account.

Check the Transaction Type.

Check the Payment Type.

tried that but still no luck

When I check B2 entity, the account is empty

Right, so the B2 Entity has no Account. So you cannot pay by Account with that Entity. Create an Account for that Entity.

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When you create the Customer Account, do not click save. Click on Create if it is a new account and save when an account has been created but only edited.

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This video may give an idea.