Assist I need Report for cash sold items

Hello. Kindly assist me I need to view items settled by cash from other payment methods. Because the report shows the total of cash sales but I want to see the items I settled by cash. Thank you

Unfortunately, payments are a ticket-level reference. There is no link between a payment and the order items.

Your messaged and i already told you items are not directly linked to payments, your only closest option would be to report tickets with cash payments and show the orders for those tickets so perhaps reqord your question else your only going to get the same answers i gave you.
This is a comunity forum, not a samba direct support service. Most on here are enthusiastic users or resellers with their own customers, we like to help people who want to learn to do it themselves or are trying something unusual or interesting. The quality of your replies will be recipical to the level of interest/understanding and willing ness to learn. Generic questions expecting straight up tutorial replies will not get you far im affraid, perhaps you might be better seaking paid support from your local reseller or sambapos themselves.

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