Atom D510 1.66Ghz All in One Terminal

Have had a very reasonable deal offered for some all in one touch screen terminals with Atom 1.66 D510 processors.

Am not overly familier with the performance of Atom processors anyone got any experience?

They have 1GB RAM installed but this is expandable to 4GB.

Anyone used similar spec machine?

I expect they will run win 7 reasonably but wouldn’t cope with SQL installed locally but would they be good enough to run just samba as client terminal from server?

Stay away from that. D510 is even older than SambaPOS :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: thought it best to ask.
Have some other machines available which look more promising just waiting for spec details anyway but wanted to check if anyone had any comments about the other.

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I have not had any experience with D510, but Emre is right it is an old processor, yet still being used in many cheap POS terminals, although D525 is more common.

Running SambaPOS as client “should” be ok, but you’d need to test it out and also depends on usage. I wouldn’t recommend for SQL server.

I have had experience with D525, SambaPOS runs fine but a bit slow to launch. D525 also can have SQL server running on Win7 32bit which I’ve done with SambaPOS as well as other POS software in the past. I’d say 1Gb RAM is too little for even Win7 - minimum should be 2Gb (I’ve never even used less than 2Gb).

Here is the spec of the D510:

And also the D525 I mention:

On paper it doesn’t look much difference in architecture, other than slightly less GHz.

If you can get hold of one to test, go for it. But wouldn’t suggest investing in more until you fully tested and it meets your needs.


Thanks for the advice.
Will see what the other models spec is, have found some with same model number showing Core2Duo and others Celeron, seems to be one of those companies which don’t distinguish clearly between revisions.

The main model I am using now for new installs is using Celeron 1037U, definitely better than Atom D525. But still using Atom D525 on cheaper models. However, the price difference between the 2 isn’t much.

It’s common for hardware companies to offer different processors for the same terminal as customers have different requirements on price and software requirements.

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