Authorization admin


hi i m in sambapos 2 frensh and i delit all admins autorisation .and now i cant access to app seting
think you
sorry for my bad English


Version 2? Doubt anyone here has ever used, most here have never used v3 and many only limited V4 experience.
Only suggestion would depend on your database type, if it’s SQL use SQL management tools to open database and see if you can edit another user to be admin. In V4/5 I believe is admin is a value in upon itself, no idea in v2 and that would still depend on your database type.
Pretty sure there is french available in newer versions so maybe time to update.


Sambapos 2 is very old and not supported anymore. I’m not even sure where to start.


I guess you shouldn’t have deleted it? :wink:

If you are using SQL Express database, you can use SQL Server Management Studio to access the database, and if you have actually managed to delete all the users, you can manually add one back in with admin rights so you can access the management section.

If you are using SQL Compact Edition database (CE) you can do similar with a management tool you can download for that database - search forum there is probably a link to it.

I have never used SambaPOS V2, the earliest was V3. I believe a lot changed between V2 and V3 so I really don’t know how relevant my advice is, I don’t even know does V2 use the same structure for users.

I think your best option is to get someone to fix it for you, to maybe update the database for you. If you want, I can look into this for you, my company can provide paid support for SambaPOS and assuming V2 uses the same database structure as V3 and above, it should be straightforward to fix for you. If you are interested send me a PM.

Otherwise moving forward I would really recommend you upgrade to V5 or at least V4. But you would have to setup your menu again because there isn’t an upgrade available from V2.