Auto apply ticket tag but not show button?

I have a ticket flow setup for drive thru where it automatically adds a ticket tag called drive thru so that it allows me to close the ticket. This isn’t a huge issue but it shows a button on the side saying Drive Thru. I made the button forced to click so even if they click it nothing happens but is there any way I can make it disappear but still have the rule working (auto add ticket tag for all drive thru department).

Delete the button and just use Ticket Created rule and map the rule to that department only. Use the Update Ticket Tag action and variables then add that action to Ticket Created rule. You do not have to define the Ticket Tag.

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OK I just did all that and when I create new ticket it applies the ticket tag and I see it there however I cannot close the ticket now.

Hmm might need to define the ticket tag but leave it unmapped. Just define one named the same as what you did in the action and put no mapping.


Works Thanks! @Jesse

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