Auto Birthday party Invites

Had a cool idea that I can pretty much set up myself. But I’ll need help with 1 thing. Here is what I suggested "Got a really cool idea. When someone books a birthday party for x amount of kids the till asks for the birthday boy or girls name and then print birthday invites automatically and prints x amount on a normal printer… not too hard to implement and completely custom.

Novelty value"

Setting up the rules and printer templates is easy enough.

How do I create a popup to ask for child’s name and age and how many to print ? And how do I implement that onto the printed item?


Easiest way I can think of would be through a dummy ticket with [?Name] into a tickt tag then used in the template and if it works [?Copies] in the print job action

Does [?WHATEVER] ask a question?? … possibly another new thing I’ve just learned!


Yea if you start the variable with [? Whatever you write next would be the question yoi want to ask and it will give you a keyboard on screen to type in. You can even add further formatting and define youe own keyboard and just make it a numbered keypad

I use it for price changes etc

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And then in printer template add the same? [?QUESTION] or {?QUESTION} ?


No you would just use { TICKET TAG:X } in your template

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The [?Prompt] is a great feature, very useful - recommend you look it up if your not familiar with it.

No you use it in an action field in place of a value.

Ie for ticket tag you would update ticket tag with tag name of ‘Name’ and value of [?Name]
It will prompt for the Name value for the tag and then set it as tag value.
You would then print that tag.
Its not a printer function/tag in itself.

Another cool thing is if you have multiple actions in the same rule using [?prompts] the merge into to one prompt with multiple fields :slight_smile:

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Without the ?

Sorry just making sure :wink:


Thanks guys great help


Yes because once it goes into the action its just as if it were a set value so in the example of a ticket tag it would be the same as any other ticket tag just with a value which is propted for.

To use [?prompt] you have to do it on the rule side of the action ie action field [:field name] --> rule action field for ‘field name’ = [?Prompt]

ok, ill try that on test machine tomorrow.

Will no doubt be back