Auto Capitalize

Is there any option to auto capitalize when adding customers. I have one employee using CAPS all the time and another using lowercase. The problem is they are just not good at typing. Its not a big issue but it is starting to bug me lately.

JOE BLOGGS = Joe Bloggs
joe bloggs - Joe Bloggs

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Tape the caps lock key down with duck tape? Lol sorry bad joke. You should talk to your employees and tell them firmly how to enter customers. If they don’t follow your direction then correct them.

You can use a mask to do it though.

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Gees kendash you have been on fire lately!
Anyway, @jay007, you could also put the duck tape away (:smile:) and use JSCRIPT - either a Function Call or RegEx in the Custom Field Layout.

Here is a sample from Stackoverflow:

function toTitleCase(str)
    return str.replace(/\w\S*/g, function(txt){return txt.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + txt.substr(1).toLowerCase();});

Have fun!


This will work to Auto Capitalise the first letter of lowercase words. Set custom field Mask Type to Reg Ex and set Editing Format to ([A-Z][a-zA-Z\-\']*\s*)* Maybe someone else here knows how to modify this to get it to also edit the ALL CAPS entries