Auto change price list according to department selection

I have a question which I hope someone can help me with. I did try searching the forum with different keywords but alas, no luck finding something that easily answers the question I have.

A restaurant has lunch dinner and take away all with different prices.

I’ve created 3 departments, and I’ve also creates 2 extra price price definitions .

What I want to achieve.
When a user selects a department, the price list automatically changes to the prices of that department.

E.g. dinner department selected, changes prices to dinner price definition.
Lunch department changes prices to lunch price definition automatically.

I created a change price list action, but I’m not sure what other action I need and what rule I need to put together to make it happen.

Any ideas?

Setting a Price Tag for Department definition should work fine.


Funny enough I did see that there, but originally I thought If i put a tag there, it will give me second price list option haha. Till i found one of your other tutorials of course.

This works perfect. So easy.

Thanks a lot @emre

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if i use two menus as fast menu, price tag works only for the first menu. Second menu is not switching product price

You’ll need to show your rules so we can see what’s wrong