Auto Command from rule possible bug?

Ive created a physical auto command button as im trying to refine my refund system a bit more and streamline it with other processes such as discount and price overrides where i use the list of commands shown on the screen

so for example i setup a refund auto command button, with refund reasons in the values box as below

so when the button is pressed i get the following on screen:

So i know that this auto command works if there is physical button

However i want to automate this from a rule so that when an order is added to the ticket those options appear and when i select one it adds it as an order tag, noting the refund reason. but i cant get this to work by using the execute auto command action in a rule as below:

So when an order is added i was expecting that execute auto command action to effectively “press the button” and display the list of values so i can select the from the screen to add the reason as an order tag

is it not possible to get the values from an auto command by using the auto command action in a rule, can this only be done by having a physical button to press?

@emre do you know if it is designed to not work this way?

You mean you don’t see the values from the execute automation command action?
Pretty sure it’s always been that way.
The values are an option on the button which triggered the automation command rule. The action just triggers the rule.

If it were me I’d use ask question, if used correctly you could make it offer the same ask question for both the button and pure automation routes, you would likely need a double rule so button and action trigger the ask question which then triggers the rest of the automation passing the value.

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This is not a bug its by design. If you want the commands to show you have to press the button. Execute automation command action in a rule is designed for cases you don’t want a button and you pass parameters and values through it.

Your adding it as an order tag when order added to ticket… why not just use order tags for that then? I second what JTR Said Ask Question probably be your best bet.

Yea was hoping it wasn’t by design lol, I’m using the ask questions now and was hoping to change it so as not to use them

I can probably make it work with menu switching instead :wink:

Emre created new order tag and ticket tag parameters which you can use in ask question action to bring a list of order tags to select from!

This means when you press that refund button, you can have it fire the ask question rule with order tag values and have it selected that way too.