Auto complete address in customer entity screen?

When taking order over the phone, it is sometimes easy to mistype the Customer address.

I was wondering if it is possible to link customer entity details to something like the google maps auto complete feature?

Its covered on forum and there is a config task but likely need tweeking for your location.
FYI google api doesn’t usually give house level address details, postcode gives street etc.
As said this is a topic well covered on forum…

Thank you, I tried looking but could only find google maps integration with calculating delivery.

It seems this assumes the customer entity details have already been put in?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to auto suggest in customer entity field if someone has put in the starting few letters of an address. For eg. 82 Sutton Street VIC 3234, Australia

There is a lookup from postcode on forum using google but google api doesnt give low level addresses, just street/town etc.
You wond get that option from google api, you would need to look at getting an address database for your area for full address by address level options.
Within sambe your not really going to get sugested address like that, anyway that method of sugestion isnt very efficient, 82 would give you many 82 and of formatting etc is out wouldnt get anything, postcode lookup is normal address lookup hethod as with almost any website that has that setup.

This type of system works great for countries that have more sophisticated postcode systems like the UK where a postcode has more exact information. Countries like the USA and it looks like Australia is similar, would not work well with this setup.

Was fascinated by the UK postcodes when I visited London haha

LOL, never thought of them as sophisticated…
Mine is GL56 9NY;
GL - Gloucestershire (County)
56 - Local Post Depot/Sorting Office
These two are the main hubs/route/sorting part to get to depot for final delivery

9NY - Street/Area not sure on/if breakdown on this but that postcode returns maybe 10-12 addresses.
Usually a postcode lookup returns 10-12 addresses, in city where there are flats and offices this expands to maybe 20-30+ but generally 10 odd building addresses.

Looks like we all have a 1 in 10 chance of finding you!

My postcode is 3105. The 3 stand for the state (Victoria) and that’s about all to it :laughing:

Lol, nice, victoria is only slightly less km2 than whole uk HEHE