Auto discount for specific menu group

any luck to give a discount for a menu group(which is in menu categories.)

I have set 3 menu catagories.

I like to set 10% discount for a festival period for category and category 2.

for catagory 3 it should get any discount…it should be the same price without discount.

Need a auto discount idea.

Any luck friends.

You can not set discounts for Menu Items or Menu Categories.

You can only set discounts for Products.

For Products, you can use different methods based on the Group Code, Product Tag, Custom Product Tag, or even the Product Name.

Products are not the same as Menu Items. Menu Items are simply “mappings or links” to Products. And a Menu Category is not the same as a Product Group Code. Menus and Menu Categories are for display purposes on the POS Ticket Screen.

Hi , Thanks QMcKay,
I have made the group code now in product.
I m searching discount based on group code. I cant get good suggession.

pls support.

There are different ways to do this. Here is 1 method…


###Product Definitions with Group Codes

###Order Tag Setup



I just noticed you are using V4 … I don’t think it has a “Rate” for Order Tags, so you need to do this differently.

Populate the Price column in the Order Tag list … we will use the Price as a Rate …

You will need 2 Actions:

And 2 Rules:

This Rule Tags the Order with the Price (-10) …

But since we don’t want a fixed discount, we need to update the Price to emulate a % Rate, which we do with the following Rule. The formula in the tagPrice parameter is what makes this “magic” happen …

[=TN('{PRICE}') * TN('[:OrderTagPrice]') / 100]

This is what it looks like when using the Order Tag Price, which is different than using the Order Tag Rate, but it accomplishes the same thing …


thanks .

2 things.

RATE is reudced by 10 as fixed one.but it should work as 10% .

SANDWICH - 600GM 1 40.00 30.00
FRUIT SALAD - MINI 1 20.00 10.00
SWEET MILK 1 30.00 20.00


(Am I have to map the rule-which is not mentioned in ur support line)

Show a screenshot of your action.