Auto log out waiters/Users

Am using Samba pos 5.6, have noticed when the auto log out feature is turned on, when the waiter click on close ticket it logs out automatically which is fine, but if the user comes back and opens that ticket again and adds a new tick to that table entity and closes, the user name on the second ticket turns into a asterik* and she is not able to display that ticket again since its not under her name anymore.
What can i do?

If the auto log out feature is not on the problem does not appear but i want that auto log out feature to work as i track sales for each waiter on daily basis.

Again when i give them permission to view other waiters tickets , it works well but i dont want them to access other waiters tickets as they can mess each other as i track which users teckets have not been settled at the end of the work period.

Seen this before, its a glitch of a combination of certain automation on ticket closing with auto logout enabled.
Posibly an ask question that is clicked after logout happens in the background or something, cant remember exact cause.
I bypassed autologout completly on my setups in favour of actual automation to close ticket and logout.


@JTRTech kindly be abit clear, am relatively new in samba. I need create an automation command to close the ticket and logout?, A sample of the automation command would be appreciated

How about you disable auto logout, then create Action (Name:Logout and Action Type as Logout User) then add the Logout action to Close Ticket Rule:

Thanks @Kery I managed to bypass the auto logout provided and created an automation to logout users after 2 second once the ticket is submitted and printed. it cant logout user when they are keying in orders. Its has solved my issues.

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