Auto return to ticket/menu

HI, I searched forum but could not find it. Is there an option to Auto return to ticket/menu after selecting an item with modifiers/order tags without clicking on item again ?
For an example.
I have steak on the menu and modifiers/order tags how to cook it med, rare, well done…
So if I order steak or any item we can set it up to automatically opens modifiers for that item, but once we click on the modifiers we need to click on the item again to return to the main menu to place another order. So can it be set up once I select modifier to automatically returns to the menu without need to click again on the modified item. This would be time saving …

If we’re doable it 100% would only work if all tags had a min and max of the same number. Otherwise it would be pointless.
This narrow Window probably makes it an unlikely thing to be implemented.
It does this if no tags only portions and auto select tickets
If tag max is open or not same max and min when would it close??

What if you need to select more than 1 tag?

Ok , it is bit difficult, if you need more than one tag but what about option that you can still se the main menu when selecting tags, so instead on clicking again on the item to see the main menu, main menu should be displayed all the time so if you ordering another item you go directly to the menu again … I am just thinking how to speed up the system in very busy environments where i coming from…

You could use Ask Question action on Order Added to trigger Tag Order action with your steak doneness, which would popup a dialog to select the specific order tags you want to select with one click. I thought I saw someone ask about this on the forum recently but can’t find it.

Here is a similar example using the Ask Question popup for selecting portions:


Didn’t tested it before but Executing Display Ticket Action on Order Tagged event may work.

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I think you should have all mandatory order tags in Ask Question. It may be a lot of work but it is one time work and it will be better flow at the end.