Auto Rounding Partial Payments

I set up auto rounding for a certain payment type following this tutoirial.

The problem is that if a ticket total is 49.99, It won’t let me make any partial payments if a customer wants to pay €20 cash and the rest in card. If I type in €20 cash it just rounds the ticket up to €50 and marks it as paid fully in cash.
I know I could add the card payment first and then the cash and that would work but their has to be a more fool proof way of doing this.

In the real world when this most commonly happens is when a customer starts counting out cash, realise they don’t have enough on them, and ask if they can pay the rest off their card. So staff are more inclined to add the cash payment first while the customer looks for their card.

Here is the setup
Transaction Types:


Calculation Types:

Payment Processors on Cash Payment Type:

Did you tried enabling this?


Well that was obvious. I don’t know how i missed that.
Thanks for your help.

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