Auto Select Order based on portion

I am trying to Auto Select an order depending on the Portion selected.

I already have an Ask Question to select the portion when the order is added to the ticket, and I want to display order tags if a certain portion is selected (in this case, Meal - where there are additional options that need to be selected).

When I use the actions Select Orders followed by Display Selected Order Details from Execute Ticket Command, I can see the order is selected for a second then gets unselected. There appears to be “something” cancelling the selection:




I have tested this by putting a Show Message in the rule in order to “pause” it and can see when the message is shown, the order is selected and the order tags shown.


Any ideas how I can accomplish this?

(I don’t want to use Auto Select on the menu item because I only need the additional order tag selections when a Meal is selected, and I would rather display order tags as a selected order instead of using extra ask questions to pick order tags)

You may need to add a small delay before you do the select order. Try passing it with execute automation command action.

ive had the same issue with orders being selected getting unselected straight away, i did what Jesse has suggested and added an auto command with delay to fire the select orders action which seems to have worked

Hello, I tried to do also a setup where he adds an order and then auto selects it. Same phenomenon like in your first GIF.
I added a sleeper of 1s between add order and select order, but no luck for me…

Did you get it to work?

I think the problems comes that SambaPOS after you update the portion, automatically fires (maybe Order Added too like in my case) OrderStateUpdated and TicketDisplayed.
This steals the focus from the Select order command…


We need to find a workaround :wink:

Did you try what I said? Rickh said it worked