Auto settle ticket on close

What is the correct order of operations to automatically pay a ticket on close. I tried to add the pay ticket action to a new before ticket closing and it doesn’t appear that the standard before ticket rule fires after. I did change the rule order to put the custom rule above the standard one.


Adding the standard before closing ticket actions, seems to make this work fine.


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We do have an integration with gloriafood. I think last time you mentioned something about it adding custom notes. You can leave that off the order with automation it’s what I do at my restaurant. I let sambapos handle the print too so it matches my normal kitchen tickets.

We haven’t done the Gloria integration specifically because of customer requests/customization of orders. We want to be able to check the order and modify prior to it going to the kitchen. We also have to handle orders from other providers such as Viking Food ( and Call In, so we’ll always have to enter takeout orders to an extent.


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Ah I see. Yes it’s a shame gf won’t allow that.

I think you can remove the remaining amount constraint.

@josephrussell It may be better to remove that remaining amount constraint and add a constraint for {TICKET STATE:Status} Equals Unpaid That way it only executes on unpaid orders with prepaid ticket tag

The only issue I see with that is reopening tickets. Status isn’t changed and then the auto settle wouldn’t work.

If your canceling payment you probably should set it back to unpaid.

Either way just offering some additional observation

Totally understand Jesse. Just saying that the default reopen action doesn’t update status state to unpaid. This is something I asked in a different post and I left the unchanged.

By nature, I try to leave as many default rules unmodified as possible.

The action wont do that you would need to automate that. It all depends on what you plan to use it for. If your reopening only to just change payment then yes there is no reason to update it. If your reopening and you need to allow close ticket to dictate behavior then you should probably reset state to Unpaid.

That is a very good strategy if you are not 100% sure what they do or how all of them interact. Once you have a good understanding of that then you can modify it for your specific need there is no harm in that.

I would say for your case now that I understand how you may use cancel payments action you should probably update state to Unpaid after canceling payments and make the changes I suggested for your auto pay feature.

Remaining Balance greater 0 may cause issues in future if you do any other automation. Its not a good constraint to do what you are doing there.