Auto time-out for user V5 tutorial

Hi there,
I followed the tutorials and successfully set up the Fast Cash and Change Due functions. Thank you.
I have tried to set up the auto logout but I’m still not there yet. Sorry. I need some more guidance as I’m stuck.
I wonder if I have to have an automation command (but I’m not requiring any button to be entered…so think not). I have not added any mapping other than default of *.
For a start, is there any way to see if the AL Store Time function is working?
I will send screenshots of what I have so far.

I also have not yet built a rule to cancel the action when for example a new ticket is created or application screen is changed. Not quite sure how and thought it best to get the basic time out function working.
Also is there a hot key to see “technical information” behind each screen in Samba?
I really hope you can help as I am fast running out of time.

Hi JTRTech,
Is it possible you can give some assistance? I sent my last reply (Number 21) 15 hours ago and haven’t heard a peep from anyone.
I got the Fast Cash buttons and Change Due working just fine with the help of your step by step tutorials.
Hopefully you have some time to look and advise.

Dont forgot everyone on here are users like yourself that help each other. There are no official sambapos people on these pages.

Also remember people are running their own businesses and are located all over the world in different time zones, so whilst you are awake now lots of forum users are asleep

It could take minutes to answer a post, it could also take a day or too :grinning:

Thanks RickH. Fair enough. I appreciate your reply. I don’t have much time left in the meantime I will keep working on my solution.

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I’ll be honnest I struggled with a timed autologout when I tried a long time ago. Haven’t tried since plus there has been updates and additional functions since.
Might be more sucsesfull if I tried again but am flat out working on the hotel groups GDPR plan and have got by without it for last two years.